Why to Choose Constant Pressure Valves for Sanitary Use?

The constant pressure valves can be used for sanitary applications which are meant for providing necessary safety and they are used for ensuring stable pressure at its inlet and also outlet points of the systems under many different operating conditions.

You can find their use in the tanks and separator equipment, heat exchanger etc.

When these sanitary valves are used for certain sanitary operations, the main purpose of their use is to keep all the systems at the constant pressure under the various fluctuating operating conditions which characterize the cosmetics, biopharmaceutical, food beverage and also personal care industries.

Few examples of such sanitary constant valves can be found in Alfa Laval of CPM series, which provides accurate pressure control, excellent cleanability and also safe/reliable performance.

Why to use such Constant Pressure Valves?

These constant pressure valves usually are used in order to keep any system in perfect operational state in all kinds of conditions, so that you can totally eliminate the risks of any delay or breakdown caused in its functionality because of a shift in the environmental settings.

Also, they can be used as a kind of pressure relief valve in order to ensure fully safe and reliable operation when they get opened for venting out the excess pressure that was build-up from various systems in order to prevent pipes bursting, injuries, and any kind of operation breakdowns.

Such sanitary type of constant pressure valves can be cheaper alternatives to any other kind of modulating control valves available as they will lack extra sensing or control features and instead of that rely on compressed air supply only to adjust system pressure accordingly.

These valves will provide excellent amount of pressure control and also superior cleanability by using few internal features, unique plunger operation and restriction-less passageways for minimal residue.

Few types of Pressure Valve

  • Inlet Constant Pressure Valves- V type

Make sure that pressure at your inlet is constant. These valves usually feature stainless-steel body having certain kinds of opening or closing mechanism so that it can ensure the medium will stays at pre-set pressure irrespective of any outside fluctuations.

It will be used mostly at back of the heat exchangers as safety valve or in other application as overflow valves.

  • Outlet Constant Pressure Valves – A type

These valves are used for ensuring pressure at outlet remains constant. Often you will find mostly it is utilised in front of the bottle filling machines.

When product pressure will start rising the valve will close and open when pressure will drop beyond that at the outlet.

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