Why it’s Important to Choose the Right Cartons & Boxes

Choosing the correct shipping boxes and cartons can make a big difference when it comes to packaging and posting any item. A box that’s too big for the item or doesn’t properly conform to the item’s shape will invariably lead to it being damaged or broken during the transit process.  This article will go over some reasons why it’s important to choose the right cartons and shipping boxes.

The Wrong Box Can Lead to Broken Items

There are a variety of shipping boxes and cartons on the market, and the right one for you may not always be clear immediately. In most cases, you can find a corrugated box or a sturdy cardboard carton that will be able to adequately protect your item during transit. But what if the item you’re attempting to send is awkwardly shaped? How do you package it properly when conventional boxes don’t conform to the item?

When it comes to awkwardly shaped items such as musical instruments or heavier equipment, you may need to allow extra time to find a packaging distributor who can make a custom box to suit your needs. In the end, choosing the right shipping boxes will guarantee that no matter the item you send, it will arrive safely and intact.

The Wrong Box Can be Financially Costly

While most conventional cartons and boxes are affordable, some that boast superior durability or eco-friendly materials can cost up to three times more than a conventional shipping box. It’s important to clarify just how much protection and additional features in a box that your item may need and identify which box will be appropriate.

For instance, although purchasing eco-friendly packaging can feel like you’re doing good for the planet, the logistics, sourcing and purchasing costs for this type of packaging could be unnecessarily costly. Eco-friendly packaging may be better suited to brands or businesses who operate in the green energy space exclusively. And while extra protection may give you added peace of mind, the costs of heavy-duty corrugated boxes and cartons may be overkill if you’re only sending smaller items that can be bubble wrapped or wrapped in stretch film.

The Wrong Box Can Damage Your Reputation

Whether you’re a sole trader or you run a larger company that ships thousands of items a month, protecting your business’ reputation is important for not only keeping current customers satisfied, but also for attracting new leads and business.

Word often spreads fast of eCommerce businesses or stores who take no care in their packaging processes. Choosing the right cartons and shipping boxes can go a long way to protecting your company’s reputation by keeping customers happy and trusting of your business.

The Wrong Box Can Result in More Waste

By choosing the correct shipping boxes and cartons for your items, you can avoid adding to the already staggeringly high amount of waste that’s generated by the shipping and packing industry. Excessive packaging may also leave a negative impression on customers who are trying to cut down on their wastage too.

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