Why Are Backlinks So Important For SEO?

A backlink refers to a link that redirects from one domain to another. When it comes to the website that links out, it is known as the outbound link, and for the website that receives it, it is known as the inbound link. When you ponder for a bit, the internet is an accumulation of domains, webpages, and links. A backlink is generated when one website is linked to another. Internal links are those that redirects to the pages on the same website.

Why were they important and why are they still important?

When the backlinks were introduced, the idea was quite simple. Backlinks indicate as a vote of trust, and the websites that have more backlinks than other websites are worthy of being in a higher position in the Google SERPs. Certainly, things have changed since the 2000s and it is no longer related to the numbers anymore but more about the quality than the quantity. In other words, if the websites have more quality backlinks, they have better rankings.

And still, the backlinks are important in the world of SEO. All the SEO related studies and even the experts from SEO Singapore agencies agree that when considering Google rankings, websites have the strongest links that come up on the top positions of Google SERPs. To learn more about backlinks, interlinks, and everything associated with the world of SEO, visit this website today.

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