Which Industry Can Gain From Hiring Certified Shredding Services?

People believe that document and identity theft is increasing because advanced technology has given thieves easy access. According to a study, 43% breeches occur due to dumpster hunt. Malicious minded people use the stolen information from the documents that get thrown away because many businesses or people underestimate document shredding process.

Houston paper shredding company offers efficient, quick and secure document as well as hard drive shredding services. The aspects that can place your business in danger gets destroyed in a secure way using the best advanced shredder.

Businesses benefiting from document shredding services


Bank is a financial institution that has information as well as bank balance records of myriads of their customers. Bank statements, old tax record, and check stubs hold sensitive details, which can get in the hands of malevolent minded people. Using Houston document shredding services financial institutions can protect themselves from security breaches and identity theft fines & penalties.


Lawyer’s office creates as well as stores vast amount of information. Legal paperwork, medical records, and financial statements hold confidential details, which business or personal lawyers handle for their clients. There is a need to protect customer’s communication and data in this sector.

Health care

The most essential and biggest sector but it is projected that around 44% security breaches happen in healthcare industry. Patient’s records that hold private medical history is stored in medical facilities. Healthcare sector has to adhere to HIPAA, so as to protect patient’s privacy. Whenever, the records get old they need to be destroyed thoroughly.


Person responsible for doing client’s taxes need to keep documents for 3 years post filing. The documents have income details, SSN, and other kinds of private information. After 3 years these documents must be properly shredded, so as to avoid identity theft.

Police department, government department, document storage firms, universities, bulk mailing houses and more have bulk documents holding private information. They are the ones that need on-site or off-site document shredding services.

Besides all these there are wide types of documents that need to be destroyed thoroughly.

  • Staff salary reports
  • Employment contracts
  • School reports
  • Management reports
  • Credit reports
  • Police files
  • Marketing plans
  • Invoices
  • Quotations & tenders
  • Product information customer staff review list
  • Medical reports

Every government department, school, profit & non-profit organization, businesses and organizations that handle documents which hold private details need shredding services regularly.

Benefits of document shredding

  • De-clutters valuable workspace
  • Eliminates need for document to be stored
  • Prevents paying fine against laws that dictate how data need to be protected

Call certified professionals to handle your shredding needs efficiently!

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