What Are The Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting?

The development of fiber-optic technology has brought about a series of technological advancements especially in the field of manufacturing. Fiber-optic technology has made it easier to transfer information faster and in far vaster quantities. This has had unprecedented improvements in the field of technology with data transfer as well as in cabling. Fiber-optic cabling can produce light beams that are now 200% more effective than a standard CO2 laser. Having this increased power ensures that the manufacturing facility can improve its traditional cutting methods as well as improve the speed of production. Here are some of the advantages of choosing a fiber laser cutting device:

Compact Designs

There’s no need to rely on CO2 gas in running one of these devices. The transmission of a fiber laser beam takes place using diodes and fiber cables and this means that there’s only a need for specific distancing between mirrors. Fiber technology can be far more condensed than any other type of traditional laser and this means a compact design that’s perfect for any manufacturing facility.

Very Little Maintenance

Fiber laser cutting requires very little maintenance and it has valued benefits that can help to cut costs. The manufacturing company can improve the overall lifespan of their device and experience massive savings when choosing to run a fiber laser cutting technology instead of CO2.

Ability to Cut Many Materials

Traditional laser cutting technology can have a beam that bounces off for selective surfaces and nonconductive materials can damage lasers. Fiber lasers have a much shorter wavelength than this means that they can easily size third the reflective materials and have far less risk for damaging the laser.

Faster Cutting Speeds

Fiber technology can produce laser-based cuts up to three times faster than a traditional CO2 laser. This can cut production time significantly.

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