Using a Spreader Beam for Lifting

Hoisting equipment can come in many different forms and within your workplace and industry it is imperative that you have the correct lifting beam hire to ensure that procedures are followed and that all persons working on site are as safe as possible at all times. Using a spreader beam for lifting is usually designed for a very specific purpose, so here, we look at lifting beams, the reasons behind using them and the different options available to you.

Whether you are looking for lifting beam hire, for frames of a spreader beam it is important to select the correct type of beam for the application it is to be used for. Safety should always be a priority, alongside the functionality and adaptability of the process. Provide multiple lifting points to handle all types of loads (even out of balance loads), and to allow for special attachments for certain types of loads. With the correct lifting beam you can accurately calculate the capacity of the load and the centre of gravity to lift the load safely, as well as the type of attachments that might be required to assist you.

Whether to use a lifting beam or a lifting spreader depends on the specific situation you are working with. The major difference between them is that a spreader beam has a suspension sling connected between the lifting machine hook and the ends of the spreader. This enables the sling to lift whilst preventing any damage to the drum flanges from the sling legs. If you are looking for safe and accurate hoisting equipment. Modern lifting spreaders are designed in an intuitive way, maximising the potential for capacity and remaining at a much higher safety level than in previous generations.

Whatever you choose in terms of hoisting equipment it is most important to make sure that the load is stable. Lifting beams and spreaders are used in locations where there is often a limited headroom available. To ensure that the load always hangs in a stable position attachments should be located above the centre of gravity wherever possible. If it isn’t possible due to the headroom always make sure that all four corners of a load are securely attached to the slings and that the movement and lifting of the load is as careful and precise as possible.

This is where it is important to have access to some of the finest lifting beam hire services. With expert advice and guidance, you can ensure that you are being supplied the correct hoisting equipment for your needs. With this approach you can lift even the most unwieldly and awkward heavy loads in a safe and secure environment where all people working on the task are left to work within strict health and safety guidelines, without compromising on the quality of the delivery and completion of the task at hand. Look for a hire company that can provide you with everything you need for hoisting equipment, including expert advice and guidance and the latest models of lifting, hoisting, and rigging gear to suit your specific purposes and budgets.

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