The Environmental Benefits of Using Cardboard Boxes for Shipping & Storage

Cardboard boxes are one of the most widely used packaging materials for shipping and storage purposes in the world. Made from corrugated cardboard, which consists of two flat layers of paper with a fluted layer in between, packaging boxes have been championed for decades due to being a lightweight, durable, versatile and economic solution to shipping and storage. If you’re considering using cardboard boxes to ship or store items, you may be wondering if they’re more eco-friendly compared to other types of packaging products currently on the market. This article will go over all of the environmental benefits of using cardboard boxes compared to other packaging materials such as plastic or styrofoam so you can decide if they’re the right packaging material for your unique use case.

 Renewable Materials & Reduced Environmental Impact

Cardboard boxes are typically made from renewable materials, such as wood pulp or recycled paper. This reduces the use of non-renewable resources and minimises the overall environmental impact of producing boxes. Using cardboard boxes can also contribute to sustainable forestry practices and help to preserve the planet’s natural resources.

 Biodegradability & Compostability

One of the biggest environmental advantages of cardboard boxes is their biodegradability and compostability. Most boxes that are made from recyclable materials can break down naturally in landfills or soil without leaving any harmful residue, helping to reduce waste generation and pollution. By using cardboard boxes, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re doing your bit for the environment.

 Recyclability & Reusability

Cardboard boxes are both recyclable and reusable, meaning they can be processed into new cardboard boxes or other paper products even after multiple cycles and uses. This enhanced recyclability saves energy and water consumption, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to a circular economy. Choosing cardboard boxes for your shipping and storage needs helps promote recycling efforts and reduce waste in landfills.

 Efficient Storage & Transport

Cardboard boxes are easy to store and transport, as they can be flattened when not in use and stacked efficiently when actively being used for transporting or accessing items quickly. This space-saving feature reduces the amount of warehouse space needed to store items and boxes and therefore saves on electricity and other resources.

 Protection & Customisation

In addition to their environmental benefits, cardboard boxes also offer excellent protection for goods and products during shipping or storage. They can be customised to fit different shapes, sizes and weights of items, providing optimal protection for your products. Cardboard boxes also offer cushioning and insulation to prevent shocks, vibrations and temperature changes, ensuring that your items will arrive at their destination safely and securely. This reduces the wastage caused by damaged boxes and items.


Cardboard boxes for shipping and storage aren’t only a practical choice, but also an environmentally friendly one. By choosing cardboard boxes, you can support the use of renewable materials, promote biodegradability and compostability, encourage recyclability and reusability, and optimise storage and transport efficiency.


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