Should You Choose Plant Hire over Plant Purchase?

Are you the person responsible for choosing the plant leasing company for your upcoming projects and different site locations? If you are then it is important that you fully understand the many different elements that come together to make a good plant hire decision.

You always have an option as to whether to go through with a plant purchase or to plump for plant leasing. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, but here we will look at why plant leasing is a better option in most cases when stacked up against the choice of plant purchase.

Let’s first take a look at plant purchase and what that means for you.

When you go through with buying a piece of equipment or machinery from a plant purchase company you are committing a significant financial outlay upfront to own it. You can use it exactly how you wish. With careful maintenance and repair jobs, it could last you for quite a few years. The problem is when you purchase plant of any kind its value begins to diminish immediately. If you decide to sell at any point in the future, you will never receive back the money you paid out.

What happens when you are faced with a problem that your plant purchase cannot effectively complete as a task? Or it can do a job, but is cumbersome and delays a project?

You are faced with the prospect of putting up with the delays or forking out extra money to either purchase or hire plant that will complete the tasks at hand on a more efficient and expedient basis.

This is another problem with purchasing plant – as technology advances, brand new models are designed and produced that outstrip the performance of the machinery and/or equipment you have bought. This can happen quite quickly, so you are very quickly behind and playing catch-up with competitors who might be utilising the guidance and up-to-date fleet of specialist plant hire companies.

So, when you choose to hire plant instead of going with a plant purchase several benefits make it a far more attractive proposition.

You are always guaranteed to have access to the latest models of equipment and machinery. This ensures that those fine margins that make the difference to a successful project and keep things on time and under budget, can be best utilised.

Not only that, but your project can benefit from an increase in standards across the board, as inefficiencies are ironed out with new models coming onto the market. The cost is significantly lower with plant hire than with plant purchase, but overall you are receiving a better service over a longer period of time.

With a specialist plant hire company, you can also ensure that you have access to whatever you need, wherever you need it, with detailed scheduling of delivery at various points along the timeline of a project. Ensure you choose to work with a specialist plant hire company that can hit all these targets.

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