Maintenance and Repair Issues on a Construction Site

Any construction site is likely to have machinery break down at certain points. How you react will go a long way in determining the success of the overall project. Working with an experienced plant hire company can negate some of the issues surrounding maintenance and repair on a construction site.

A piece of machinery or equipment that is broken has an immediate impact on productivity. This means that the operator of that piece of kit is left with nothing to do at that precise moment. It can have the knock-on effect of impacting other tasks that are due to take place. If you suffer from too many broken down machines or equipment can cause massive periods of downtime. Massive periods of downtime only lead to lower rates of productivity, slower progress, and loss of time and money. It is hard to meet tight deadlines and budgets when you are faced with regular breakdowns.

The other aspect to consider is the potential for injury to your contractors and passers-by on-site. If a machine or piece of equipment is faulty or has not been maintained to a high enough standard, could put the operators at risk. It could also lead to accidents that cause injury (or even fatalities in the worst cases) to those people who are in the vicinity.

The best plant hire companies help a construction project to maintain high standards of health and safety at all times. They continually upgrade their fleet, adding the very best and latest in technological advancements.  This ensures that every single piece of equipment that is sent out to site has been double-checked and repaired where necessary. As a result, this reduces instances of a breakdown in the first place.  These companies, also help to have access to machinery and equipment quickly, if a replacement for plant hire is required after a breakdown.

You should choose a plant hire company with extensive experience of success in your industry. The damage that a broken-down machine/equipment can do to a construction project can be catastrophic. This can lead to time disruptions and the exceeding of budgets. Also, this can cause accidents that can lead to injury or fatalities. The best plant hire companies are those that have a comprehensive system of maintenance between each hire contract.  They should also have a thorough training manual and on-site training (where appropriate).  It is vital, that they provide on-site repair or a fast and effective replacement of broken machinery and equipment within 24-hours of a break-down.

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