Log Loaders Used for Logging and Wood Processing Industries

After the stems have already been bucked into series of logs, a machine will be needed for sorting the logs and then stack them as piles.

After enough logs of certain specific sort has been accumulated, and also truck arrives, then they are loaded onto truck and finally transported to their ultimate destination.

For any small diameter and short length logs, it is feasible to load any truck by hand. Also, there are number of ways by using pulleys or ramps manually trucks are loaded. However, majority of loading and stacking will be carried out by hydraulic loader.

Mechanical configuration of log loaders

  • Carrier base

Carrier base meant for such wood loading trailer which is called in French as remorque a bois impacts mainly mobility and stability.

  • Wheeled loader

This can quickly move around landing area, but may not be as sturdy as tracked machine.

  • Tracked loader

This is little slower but can be more stable but is expensive.

  • Trailer mounted loader

This is the cheapest option for loader which is trailer mounted loader. You can push or pull into place by tractor unit and remains in place during the harvest season which means extraction machine should deliver stems within the reach of loader.

Loader types

  • Knuckleboom loader

This loader is swing machine having specially designed booms to handle logs. They can be track based, trailer mounted or wheel based.

Trailer mounted version will not be capable of moving around landing by itself. This loader is designed with fast type hydraulics to get quick boom and swing movement.

The grapples can be pin mounted with rotator that aids in positioning logs for loading purpose.

  • Wheel loader

This is tricycle based machine and also used for loading logs onto trucks. This machine uses set of forks having grapple to pick up the logs. The main advantage of such wheel loader is the ability of picking up and loading larger logs, and thus shortening loading time considerably.

  • Truck mounted loader

This boom type loader mounted directly with the log truck. Both operator station and the boom are together mounted on a pedestal. Its operator station will consist of seat having controls and no cab.

This type of loader is only used for loading short-wood and have disadvantage of decreasing payload that truck can carry.

This type of loader is typically used in the woodyards and few self-propelled loaders also are mounted on the wheeled, articulated chassis.

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