Importance Of Responsive Design In Email Marketing

The increased use of smart devices made responsive design an essential need. The main requirement of responsive design is in the case of web design. However, the need for responsiveness in the case of email templates is less considered. With more and more people using mobile-based email apps to check their responsive mail template are non-negotiable in email marketing.

  • Non-responsive design decreases the number of leads: With the majority of users accessing your emails via mobile devices, responsive design is essential even to get them open. For the user to get proper info about your email, it should work correctly on any screen sizes.
  • Saves your brand reputation: The design and professionalism in your emails is something that gives your brand an impression. A non-responsive email can look very bad on a smaller screen device. Such an email can lead to the wrong idea from your client. The better looking your email is, the better it will be your brand impression.
  • Email clients prefer mobile-friendly templates: Similar to how Google ranks websites based on responsiveness, email client also consider this. A mobile-friendly model has less probability of going into the spam folder of any email client. Although certain other factors can lead to this, responsiveness is an integral part of this.

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