Impact of Satellite TVs and SAT>IP On the Hospitality Industry

There are over 187,000 hotels with 17.5 million guest rooms around the globe. Now, in order to escalate themselves, hoteliers need to take care of one most important feature – in-room entertainment. One of the easiest ways to provide this facility is to get satellite TV services.

Giving access to premium content is a great way of ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable environment for guests. However, it is crucial to make sure that there is something for everyone – men, women and children. To get more info on commercial satellite installation for hotels and Business, contact right away.


SAT>IP is a new industry protocol. With the help of SAT>IP, hoteliers can now distribute premium content to guests’ mobiles, laptops and tablets. Besides, with the new revenue models, SAT>IP even allows guests to open their personalized subscription packages like news, sports, movies, series, kids content, etc.

Besides, via SAT>IP, hotels can offer their guests multi-screen TV experience. This doesn’t even require high-speed broadband. The thing is, the technology uses conventional satellite TV signals and transforms it into an IP transport layer. This is now transmitted via a wired or wireless IP network and accessed through IP compatible devices like smart TVs, mobiles, laptops, etc.

Key benefits of SAT>IP for hotels

SAT>IP has completely changed the scenario of how broadcasters can meet consumer demands. With SAT>IP, individuals now have more than just their TV sets to fulfill their viewing requirements. All in all, it offers great deal of benefits for the hospitality industry.

Some of its key benefits are:

  • It helps in delivering high-quality content to locations where broadband connection is not strong enough to view HD videos. This means, hotels in remote areas can have access to HD data without spending for an expensive broadband connection.
  • As it allows multi-screen viewing, multiple guests in a single room can watch multiple content.
  • It makes delivering satellite services in all the rooms possible without any special antenna cabling.

  • It makes delivering 4K content on any smart TV, mobile, laptop, etc.
  • As it allows the guest to view high-definition videos anywhere in the hotel premises, via their personal devices, they get a “better than home” experience while their stay.

To summarize it can be said that satellite TV and SAT>IP can have a huge impact on the hospitality industry. So, if you haven’t considered the idea yet, contact a professional and qualified company today. Your guests will absolutely thank you for doing so…

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