How Will Any Wirelines and A Slicklines Work?

For both workover as well as logging efforts, various tools inserted into well, slicklines and wirelines can be quite similar devices needed for Renegade complete oil field services.

Slickline is thin cable that is introduced into well for delivering and retrieving the tools downhole, and wireline is electrical cable which is used for reducing tools and also transmit data about conditions of wellbore.

Let us try to understand how all these things will work.


Slicklines are used for placing and recovering wellbore equipment, e.g. valves, plugs and gauges. These slicklines can be single-strand and non-electric cables that is lowered into the oil or gas wells.

Slicklines are also used for adjusting valves and sleeves that is located downhole, and also for repairing the tubing within wellbore.

Slickline can be raised and lowered into the well just by hydraulically reeling in/out of the wire which is wrapped around one drum on back of the truck.


Wirelines are in fact electric cables which transmit data regarding the well. Wirelines consist of single strand/multi-strands wires, which is used for well intervention as well as formation evaluation operation.

In fact, wirelines will be useful for gathering data regarding the well during logging activities, and also during workover jobs, which needs data transmission.

Wireline Logs

Wireline logs are used for measuring formation properties in the well through electrical cable lines.

They are different from mud logs and MWD, and wireline logs are a kind of constant downhole measurements, that is sent through electrical cables used by geologists, engineers and drillers to make real-time decisions regarding drilling operations.

In order to measure, resistivity, conductivity, formation pressure, sonic properties and also wellbore dimensions wireline logs can be used.

The logging tool, which is also known as Sonde is generally placed below the wireline. All the measurements are taken by just lowering all the wirelines to certain prescribed depth and thereafter raising it out from the well.

For sustaining the tension on the line, all the measurements can be taken continuously while going way up.

Workover operations

While producing wells, remedial work is needed in order to sustain, enhance or restore production, which is also called workover. Quite often, workover operations will need production shutting, however it is not needed every time.

A well-servicing unit will be used for winching items in or out of your wellbore during workover operations. Line used for raising and lowering equipment are single steel slickline or a braided steel wireline.

Workover operations will also include setting plugs, well clean-up, production logging and also perforation through explosives.

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