How To Renew electrical Installation License

The working Engineers group use cell phones to fulfil our investigative authorization obligations and renew the electrical installation license. Using cell phones, one can capture, store and examine our customers’ electrical establishment information, enabling us to add an incentive by providing our customers with more ideal and accurate guidance.

The Whole Cycle

Our investigation cycle includes the age of an advanced preliminary examination report for our clients after each review. This enables our customers to make subsequent meetings faster for their electrical establishment.

Examination reports of ON Engineers electrical establishment are clear, accurate, definitive and convenient, with the objective that customers can choose more informed options. A “Defect Report and Summary” with photos of the site, representations and exhortation for healing, enables our clients to update themselves about the conditions and activities required at the site to renew electrical installation license. 

The Producers

With access to such information, producers computerized Quarterly Inspection Summary Reports for our larger customers, to classify and gather the consequences of different electrical outlets for customers or their occupants in a single report. This decreases the measure of administrative and manual work about our client while providing a direct summary of the territories that require consideration.

The storage of computerized duplicates of the examination reports enables momentary recovery every minute of each day and the archiving of the complete documentation while saving space and resources for our customers when handling these reports.

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