How To Decode Instagram Marketing For Product Promotion In Singapore

No matter if you are into tech, fashion, outdoor sports or any other niche trying to explore the Singapore market using the right social media strategy, you can never get desired results without using Instagram properly. It won’t be wrong to say that today’s Instagram is like Facebook of 2010. All you had to do was hit the right hashtag and you could reach out to millions of people in no time. In case you are looking for something like that, then target Instagram from day one.

Here is how you can decode Insta marketing comfortably:

Create Relevant Content:

Even though both Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same group, both have different algorithms when it comes to content promotion. The content you post on Facebook cannot be the same that you post on Instagram. So, don’t repeat the same content on both platforms. Create graphics according to Instagram’s UI/UX for high reach.

Contact Influencers:

This trend is growing at a swift pace. Brands contact influencers to repost their stories and posts and get amazing results in terms of likes, reshares, comments, and sales. Since you’re looking forward to promoting your product in Singapore, you need to contact Instagram influencers Singapore for targeted promotion. This way, you can reach out to only those who live in Singapore and are mostly interested in what you’re selling. This tactic will not only get you the engagement you’re looking for but also ensure that you don’t end up emptying your bank account on running ads.

This trend is on the rise these days and brands often contact Instagram celebrities and account holders with a large follower base on a regular basis. The main reason behind this is the targeted promotion. The click-through rate on sponsored posts in such cases is a lot higher than normal ads, which further leads to higher sales and more revenue in quick succession. So, follow the methods mentioned above along with a paid ad campaign for desired results in a short duration.

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