Five Kinds of Chocolate Depositing Machine

Chocolate depositing machines are designed to deposit chocolate to form the shell, the centre to fill the shell, and the chocolate to finish the product off. These machines deposit more viscous mixtures into round or tubes for enrobing. They are a versatile and economical addition to the production line.

When choosing a depositor, it is important to consider factors such as the kind of product, number of nozzles, speed of deposition, and the deposit volume. Also, other things such as heating and cooling requirements, material consistency, accuracy, desired decorative effects, and ease of cleaning are taken into account. A chocolate depositor machine can be available in either of the following classifications:

One -Shot

A one-shot chocolate depositor with a 2D piping function is available on the market. It deposits directly into the cooling belt. Also, you can choose to buy a machine with a 3D or 2D programmable belt. A one-shot chocolate depositor can produce various sizes in a minute, comes with nozzles of different sizes like 2 by 10 nozzles. A one shot machine is an automatic system that has a touch screen PLC command system.


This range of chocolate depositors is capable of producing intricate chocolate designs with or without biscuit or fillings. This machine can be used to make various chocolate decor. This modular machine implies that can be customised to fit your production requirements. For instance, you can choose to get a CNC depositor with diverse trajectories of chocolate speed, shapes, and volumes.


This depositor doesn’t have an automatic chocolate depositing system because the majority of its operations depend on human assistance. When you use this machine, you will have to set chocolate nozzle plate’s mould bottom, fill using the push button or pedaling technique, and set the weight using the screw system for a pneumatic system.


This range of chocolate depositors consists of a portable machine that can be easily mounted on the table. It has a special design to eliminate the burden of filling various cavity chocolate molds by hand. This machine can be used for small-scale chocolate production.


This machine comes with a horizontal production layout where all operations are in a horizontal line. The majority of horizontal chocolate depositors are automatic with a touch screen PLC control system for easy monitoring. This machine minimises the risk of dropping material during the production process, making it safe to use.

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