Fire Doors and Acoustic Solutions for Industrial Locations

Fire doors play a crucial role in fire safety in a wide range of environments. Within industrial locations however, they play a particularly pivotal role in fire safety protocols and quick and efficient escape routes in often, challenging and dangerous workplaces. When working in certain types of industrial environments there is a requirement for acoustic doors to be installed that separate rooms, or larger areas, from parts of the workplace that are particularly loud. It is vital that there is an installation of doors that not only help to control noise management, but that are also rated highly in terms of fire safety.

Acoustic doors are an important part of many factories, manufacturing lines, power plants, and other types of industrial buildings as they provide that buffer between noisy areas and quiet spaces. This helps to ensure there is a reduction in noise to help maintain the health and mental well-being of all employees working on site regularly, as well as provide quiet spaces for other types of work to be undertaken productively and efficiently. Bespoke doors to fit this purpose can be found, but it is also important to consider fire safety when choosing the acoustic doors for your industrial workplace.

Soundproofed doors are ideal in scenarios where excess noise levels could cause long-term health problems to those who work regularly on site. There are different levels of soundproofing that you could choose to work with, up from 35dB, and this will change depending on the type of industrial setting you wish to install acoustic doors in. Choosing the correct acoustic doors will help you to maintain a safe working environment for all concerned, and clever, efficient separation of different areas of the business and working practices.

It is also vital though to install acoustic doors that come with highly rated fire protection. Acoustic fire doors are tested to the highest standards of fire safety certification to comply with fire safety regulations. Fire safety is a vital issue in every workplace, but even more so in industrial settings where there are dangerous noise levels, dangerous substances, materials, and other obstacles and challenges present every single day. Choosing the correct fire door could be the difference in saving lives in the event of an emergency, such as the outbreak of a fire.

Fire doors that are installed as acoustic doors are an important aspect within many different types of industrial settings. It is important to ensure that you have chosen professional fire door suppliers that can provide excellent acoustic doors that also serve a purpose as the perfect complement to the fire safety protocols on site. It is no good installing an acoustic door that manages noise control on a dangerous site, but doesn’t protect employees and visitors in the event of a fire, and vice versa. Choose a fire door supplier who can provide you with the perfect acoustic doors for your industrial setting.

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