Few Important Aspects to Get Success in Wireline Industry

Industries related to oil and gas has been evolving again. They were required to make sure that all the equipment will be ready and fully operational.

It would not be out of place to mention that due to downturn, it has created many wireline companies deciding about parking their equipment, which has not been used for significant duration of time.

The equipment however has resurfaced and companies have been keeping them ready for work again on various micro gas mitigation online needs.

As various production companies are again looking forward to performing drilling operation, wireline companies will certainly fight for obtaining market share too. Also, you may wonder regarding the future aspects of the new competition.

Let us try to delve on the 2 major factors which would help you make sure the company can make be successful.

Reliable equipment

It is important to have reliable equipment and vehicles, in order to ensure timely completion of your projects. You won’t have to worry too much if you are using new trucks, but if you are using old vehicles, then you will have to ensure their regular maintenance and testing, so that your projects can be completed without any interruptions.

Vehicle breakdown can simply delay the projects, and also cost you more money on operations. Only when all your equipment and vehicles are in good performing condition, you will be able to relax, knowing that all the tasks will be done on time. It will go a long way in ensuring client satisfaction.

Trained personnel

A reliable equipment can be easily used by any trained personnel. If either of the 2 aspects were not in place, failures will become almost imminent. It will have following results:

  • Loss of revenue

The mistake of any employee or failure of the equipment may cost the wireline company to compensate for downtime.

  • Non-productive time

All service companies will have to track the non-productive times because production companies will prefer to improve their job efficiency.

  • Customer loss

If the customer was not satisfied with the overall performance of the service company, then they would look for some others as per their desired performance level. However, the company who has only few clients will suffer a very high loss of revenue.

  • Injury

Company will take zero tolerance with regards to injury of any person on the location in very serious manner. If the number of recorded injuries or TRIR number happens to be relatively high then the company will refuse to hire their services.

In the industry for oil and gas, safety has always been the topmost priority of the company.

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