Corrugated Boxes – A Bright Future, Present And Past of Packaging Industry

Boxes have become a part of our everyday life. These boxes come in different types and sizes and used by people in different ways. Most of the people use them while shifting, delivery and traveling. The most common type of boxes which are used is cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes.  is one of the leading box manufacturers. Cardboard boxes are paper stock and are not very good for shipping containers whereas corrugated boxes are standard industrial boxes for transporting fragile, heavy-duty and hazardous material. Corrugated boxes are made for long and bumpy journey without compromising quality.

Features of Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes comes in different size according to the customers need, they are flexible and durable.

Here are a few features of corrugated boxes:

  • They are environment-friendly because of their recyclable attributes and aid in lowering the cost.
  • There are a variety of corrugated boxes depending on the level of protection required by the product.
  • All types of shock-resistant and there is no impact due to bad road infrastructure.
  • They are highly flexible and easy to pack awkward products.
  • Customizable and can be branded easily by adding artwork.
  • Beneficial for industries that deal with thermal insulation as they keep moisture away.

Benefits of Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are very good for both business storage and home storage. These boxes provide high security from any climatic calamities or changes. They are greatly competent for shifting from one place to another. Also, they have big after-sales benefits. Their strength and robustness aid them during pile positions in storerooms.

Usage Of Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are used in various industries like electronics, fruits and vegetables and many more. As electronic products are sensitive, a small bump can cause irreversible damage and hence corrugated boxes are a perfect fit for them. They also provide attractive branding for electronics company which is why they choose them.

For fruit and vegetable industry hygiene and moisture are very important as these products are fragile and perishable and their time-period depends upon the quality of the corrugated box. Similarly, processed food and beverage industry requiressuch boxes as any damage to these products can cause a health hazard. In both industries, these boxes are preferred.

Customer durables are also highly susceptible and small damage can cause a major effect. Also, choosing corrugated boxes develop customer loyalty for life. Products like Glassware and Crockery industry use corrugated boxes due to their products’ high sensitivity by adding layers of protection.

In packaging industry, corrugated boxes play a very important role as they cater to every kind of road condition, climatic changes and can easily transport fragile material.

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