Cardboard Boxes Are Flexible for Many Uses

Custom Cardboard Boxes have been used for years by businesses and organizations as an effective marketing and promotional tool. With limitless options to customize your own custom cardboard boxes to your desired audience and advertise your brand, you will never go back to a plain corrugated cardboard or other man-made materials ever again. In fact, they specialize in all types of custom cardboard boxes, including corrugated, flat pack and custom bendy boxes, making it easy for you to find the perfect solution for your next advertising campaign. By taking the guesswork out of your cardboard box design, they can ensure that your printed message is on the front of every box you sell or give away.

If you are looking for something a little more substantial than your standard custom cardboard boxes, die cuts may be what you need. Die cuts are pieces of cardboard that are cut in cross form, resembling a heart, thus replacing a heart in a traditional cardboard box. With a die cut box, you can create a stunning design and brighten up any corner of any event. Moreover, if your event is outside, a die cut box is the perfect foil to lure customers with a bright, happy message.

Another essential item in your next advertising or marketing effort is a full color printing kit. Printing is an integral part of any promotional or marketing effort and with a full color printer and die cut box, your printed message will pop out at all times. There are die cutting machines and software available to print on custom cardboard boxes but the most common is the roller cartridge method. Using a roller cartridge printer, many businesses can turn an ordinary box into a one-of-a-kind printed cardboard masterpiece. Businesses that choose this option should ensure that all of their printing requirements are met before handing over any cash or receiving any financial compensation.

Cardboard not only provides the bare essentials, but can also provide the opportunity to provide your customers with a range of shapes. Cardboard is available in rectangular, hexagonal, square, oval and round shapes. While most of these shapes will not be appropriate for printing as they are not likely to be used as part of a business’s branding efforts, there is a special place in your list of custom cardboard boxes just for them. Filled with products such as snacks, pencils and pens, these boxes can be designed in practically any shape you wish to ensure your customers are kept well informed about your products or services.

The last piece of advice when considering custom cardboard boxes to promote your business relates to social media. As mentioned at the start of the article, using cardboard as a medium to print on allows you to give your clients and potential customers a physical reminder of your brand. While social media offers you the opportunity to interact with your customers, using this resource to advertise your company has never before been easier. Whether you use Google AdWords or another suitable pay-to-click option, using cardboard packaging as part of your social media advertising campaign will help build brand awareness in ways that social media usually cannot.

Cardboard boxes are designed to withstand the rigors of shipping and delivery, which means that they are able to handle the stresses that ordinary boxes cannot. Businesses that choose to buy these boxes in bulk and then distribute them to their clients are able to reduce the risk of damage or loss to goods during the transportation process and can increase the chances of quick unboxing at the end of the day. When ordering custom cardboard boxes online make sure that you provide your shippers with a delivery address and proof of insurance to ensure that you receive full compensation if the package is lost or damaged during transport. You can save money on the overall cost of printing and mailing through a distribution company and in the long run, your client will appreciate the extra touch of custom packaging.

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