Are You Aware About Testing of Inertia and Center of Gravity?

Vehicle testing and safety matters to many parties with vested interests. It could be related to launching a new model by makers, or often, forensic experts must do such tests to determine the cause of an accident or collision. The results are often submitted to agencies or can be used in court. Companies that deal in vehicle inertia measurement facility can perform center of gravity measurement as well as inertia properties too. As far as original design of VIMF is concerned, it is supposed to be extremely accurate, sturdy and trusted.

VIMF was redesigned by using upgraded automation, improved control system and ergonomics, along with offering superior level of vehicle mass measurements, center-of-gravity properties and vehicle inertia.

Such upgraded features will be built, so that current VIMF machines may easily be redesigned with few brand-new features. Here, we will learn little more about inertia and center of gravity testing and also how it is performed.

Types of inertia and gravity testing

The measurements of inertia and center of gravity can always be performed on any new equipment and vehicles for predicting how it can perform in different kind of scenarios.

Also, it is instrumental for accident investigations, as it will be shedding light on how any vehicle would have really performed in conditions that lead to an incident.

Facilities are available that is large enough for testing everything right from individual components to heavy machinery, as well as military vehicles.

Hence, there is no limit to the capabilities. All tests are managed by using computer systems and necessary software for providing accurate feedback.

Most common tested items include the followings:

  • Engines and powertrains
  • Heavy trucks
  • Military vehicles
  • Passenger vehicles
  • Seat assemblies
  • Vehicles for recreation
  • Wheels and tires

Majority of the items that can be tested in this manner can be from transportation, automotive and legal industries, as this information can be most relevant to certain specific needs.

By making inertia measurement of the engines and powertrains will help you to decide the optimal location of the engine mounts and also reduce NVH.

Testing Services available for inertia and center of gravity 

SEA is known for offering these useful services for automotive manufacturers as well as safety assessors, as these tests will show how capable any vehicle is for withstanding certain situation and conditions on the road.

Such tests can also help while making insurance claims and also court cases related to accidents. Any legal professionals can make his case stronger, when their positions will also be supported by a hard evidence provided by SEA.

The thorough evaluation and data collection will provide engineers with an empirical evidence which can support their professional opinion.

In case of legal proceedings, team of SEA can present their findings with their clear reports, that often include animations or visual components that will make huge impact in the courtroom.

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