All you Need to Know About Sticker Design

Stickers are very widely used in retail outlets and for general business promotions, and like most sectors, the sticker business has seen many tech developments, allowing for hi-res printing on a wide range of media. The adhesive used today means there are no more removal issues, plus there are stickers that can be re-attached over and over, which is ideal for a retail store.

Large Vinyl Stickers

You can decorate an entire wall with a vinyl print and that could literally transform your store, and with state-of-the-art software, there’s no limit to what you can create with an amazing backdrop. This can be used on checkout counters or half wall partitions with spectacular effect, and whatever your theme, stickers can be designed to fit. Wall prints are a very popular way to create the perfect ambience, and they can be sized perfectly to fit any space.

Small Labels

There are no limits to sticker design, you can create your own calls to action, and they can be affixed in the right locations, and by using your business colours, you can enhance your branding. Special offers and seasonal messages can all be announced with stickers and can be fixed to any media, giving you a level of flexibility regarding your in-store signage.

3D Signage

Add another dimension to your signage with formed 3D acrylic engraving that can be used with many materials, allowing you to create logos and words in three dimensions. Foam is just one of the materials that is used to create stunning store signage, and there are other composites that can be used to create the desired effect.

Online Solutions

If you wish to locate a specialist sticker shop in Lat Phrao (known as ร้านสติ๊กเกอร์ลาดพร้าว in Thai), Google is your best friend and you can pay them a visit and see some fine examples of what can be achieved. The software they use enables any kind of design and with high-resolution printing on a range of media gives you plenty of scope, and stickers can be large as well as small. Covering an entire wall, for example, is easy with the massive printers in use today, which can make for a stunning backdrop for your store, while the product can be stuck to timber, plaster or indeed any surface.

Sticker design really does empower the retailer and if you would like to explore the potential of stickers and what they can do for your business, search online for a local sticker manufacturer who would have a huge catalogue of sticker designs that you could use to boost your in-store ambience.

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